The Heiermanns since 1920

Fritz Heiermann Fritz Heiermann founded our company, as „Fritz Heiermann, Laundry- and Dyeing- Machines- and Accessories“in November 1920 and managed it with success through difficult
times of war and economic crisis,until he died in 1955. He was assisted by his wife Ida, a first-generation laundry-and-platter-master, who ran a small laundry-business in parallel.

Horst Heiermann Horst Heiermann, the son of Fritz and Ida, joined in 1954 and took over the leadership a few years later. His main activity was the contractual sale of laundy machines for the builders Kleindienst and Engelhardt & Foerster, from 1956 to the middle of the 1980s with an extraordenary success. In addition he began in the late 1960s to develop and produce airbags for cabinet-presses, which is still part of our activities until now. Horst was an excellent salesman and laundry specialist and he died much too soon in 1986.

Marie HeiermannIn 1956 Marie Heiermann joined our company, alongside her later husband Horst. for many years she was the central person in the laundry supply business and she also was qualified as a personal trainer for working with press-cabinet kids. When her husband died, sheconversed our company to the next generation for a few years with her leadership. Til now Marie is a member of the owner-company. She passed away in August 2023

Jürgen HeiermannAs third generation Juergen Heiermann, son of Horst an Marie, joined the company in 1986 and became member of the owner-assosiation and managing director of Fritz Heiermann GmbH in 1992. In his first years he continued to operate laundry machine business and expanded the product range of accessories trading, in-house-production and customer-service Today we are no longer active in machinery-business, but are fully utilized with producing, selling and installing of textile equipments for laundry machines and delivering of accessories for this.