Our self manufactured textile machine-equipments

Since many decades,our company has been active not only as a merchandiser and customer-service-provider for the laundry-sector, but also as a manufacturer of textile machine equipment.

Our self made products can be found directly in the laundries, but also in the laundry machiners- spare parts and technical service industries in many countries.

We produce textile machine spare parts in small series for our stockkeeping or inividually.


Our parts production mainly refers to the following product areas:

For ironing cabinet presses an finishers:
Airbags, Air-Distribution-Masks, Presspads of Silicone-Padding or Needleft or Molleton, Cover-Clothes

For Ironing Presses, Special-Presses and Ironing-Stations:
Woven Wire-Mats, Press-Pads, Layers, Cover-Clothes

For Flatwork-Ironers:
Exact cuts and additional appointments for textile roller coverings like sewn-in drawstrings on the sides, bevelled and fine brushed edges and other ready-to-use applications. Production of Wax-Feeding- and Chest-Cleaning-Clothes

For Feeding- and Folding Machines
Production of ready-to-install-belts in all versions with clese alignment with material and machining to the original parts of the machine-producers

Laundry-Nets and Bags
Appointments for nets like permanently installed closers, marking fields and other, Laundry-Transport-Bags, Bulk-Bags for hanging conveyors

For Fluffs-Removement in Laundry-Machines
Filtration bags for feeding-machines and central suck-off-stations, filtration-plats of stainless-steel-fabrics for tunnel-washers, tunnel-finishers and dryers